Subtitling – software for broadcasting of translations for the theater was made specifically for this purpose. Allows you to import up to 4 simultaneous translation to display at time.

 The software allows you to select different colours, types and sizes of translated text. There are also 4 possible display layouts. On one screen, the one from which the program starts, it displays the form for setting up and managing translations and on the other to see the review of translations – usually this is done with a projector. Depending on the size of the primary monitor, it is possible to have access to about 40 lines of text and more, so it is very easy to keep track of the previous and following lines emitted. The software allows the following:

– Display up to 4 parallel translations
– Change parameters of translation that are displayed: the size, type and font colour for each of 4 translations
– 4 possible option for layout – on the top, center or bottom of the window or on 4 sides
– Translation is being broadcast to the external display and at the same time in the control part of the application in the lower right corner at the same time showing what is sent to the second output
– Automatic scrolling when it reaches the end of the page so that the visual field is always at least 15 rows
– Control part of application is in Serbian and English language
– Output text can be broadcast in Cyrillic, Latin and Chinese or any other language
– Can be operated via USB if the host computer has installed java 8
– Import translations in .txt UTF-8, doc or docx format
– Closed-captioning lines may be in the order of 2

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