Vehicle tracking gps is our main activity, but we have many years of experience in complex business processes. We are committed to providing engineering services and development of both software and electronic products – whether we develop them ourselves completely, for us or for our clients, either to provide support or to upgrade existing products. We have experience in any of the mentioned options. We have spent several years developing diverse solutions, products and projects. We are interested in cooperating with everyone who is sincerely and uncompromisingly facing the future.

Our specialty is client-server applications and real-time GPS tracking. In these areas, and especially with regard to vehicle tracking, we have many years of experience working on systems that have accepted and processed several million records per month. Based on these data, various reports were generated that gave information in a few seconds to different categories of users. These solutions should build their business decisions. Everywhere you need to analyze the data, no matter how much it has, as is the case with GPS tracking, it is necessary to use adequate software – because of speed, reliability, precision and savings.

Our associates and business partners:

– Yugoslav Drama Theater, Serbia

– Metal Hemiko doo, Serbia

– M-Inox doo, Serbia

– Medicom doo, Serbia

– i-Cargo Inc., Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia

– Pargat Ltd, Birmingham, United Kingdom

– Indagon oy, Helsinki, Finland

– CT Computers Beograd, Serbia

– Sion Net doo, Belgrade, Serbia

– Sampro doo, Belgrade, Serbia

– Ahab doo, Trbusac, Serbia

– VIP mobile, Belgrade, Serbia

– Lemmark Medical, Indjija, Serbia

– Danik Trade, Belgrade, Serbia

– Hanter šped, Sabac, Serbia

– Bella9, Šabac, Serbia

– Jugohulahop, Sabac, Serbia

– Mikrodis electronics, Belgrade, Serbia

– Iritel ad, Belgrade, Serbia

– Tagor elektronik, Niš, Serbia

– Vita Elko, Stari Banovci, Serbia

– Elidžir Natura, Sabac, Serbia

– Oblak Logistik doo, Sabac, Serbia

– AKS Expres kurir, Sabac, Serbia

– Ingsoft 2009 doo, Sabac, Serbia

– Freepath, Milan, Italy

– Idest, Milan, Italy

– Idest doo, Kragujevac, Serbia

– Datecs, Sofia, Bulgaria

– Technologies for the Report ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria,

– Primary school Majur, Sabac, Serbia

– Bus station Sabac, Sabac, Serbia

– Public Enterprise for Building Land Management, Sabac, Serbia