You want to know where your friends, kids or parents are w/o use of any server?

You can install it from here

This is a type of GPS to SMS application. Designed to easily and quickly identify the location of the mobile device of a person interested in you, such as friends, children, parents, etc.

To use it, you do not need to register on a single server, nor need to pay extra for the tracking services.

Very easy to use at low cost – at the price of a SMS.

Application is available in Serbian, English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French  and German language.

Location data are not exchanged with third parties, either through the server or in any other way. The data exchange includes only mobile phones of the person looking for the location and the persons whose location is being sought, provided only if that person want to share it.

In order for an application to work successfully, it is necessary that the mobile phone from which the location is searched and the phone whose location is asked for, have to install this application. It is also necessary that the location service on your mobile device is turned on, at least on the mobile device which location is asked for.

NOTE: in order for the device to give a precise location, it must work properly and it is desirable that the location of the site is HIGH PRECISION – this will not cause a higher battery consumption because the location will be updated shortly after request arrives.

If at the time of the response, the device does not have access to the correct location, it will send the last one that was correct with the time it was received from the location service.

Basic explanations of the WAY application:

  • the application relies on the work of the location and SMS service, and these services must work properly
  • you send an request from application that forms your SMS from your request and sends it to the desired number when a mobile device receives a request, decodes the message and activates the location service
  • as soon as it receives a location successfully, the application forms a new SMS with location information and sends it back to the number that sent the request
  • this must be approved – the user may refuse to send data, accept it once, or permit an application to automatically send data each time a certain number of requests
  • the application at the database stores all the answers it received on requests that are sent so that they can be viewed
  • if for any reason it can not obtain location information at the moment of request, the application will send the last correct one with the date and time when it was obtained

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