Program for management and records of seminars designed for all those involved in the maintenance of such events primarily for the Centre for Vocational Training of teaching staff.

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The program contains a complete record of approved seminars by state institutions recorded for each school year. In addition to the records of seminars and records are kept of all participants with basic information and those who teach, those who listen to the lecture. This is how you get all the information relevant is for each participant individually. You kept records of participation of staff from each school. Output as a result we have 16 different reports:
– Seminars Year
– Seminars in schools (per year)
Seminars (general)
– Seminars in schools (general)
– Activities I
– Activities and the schools
– Activities II
– Activities II in schools
Conferences in schools
– View Event
Overview of events in / out of seat
– Review of events (school)
– Review of events (schools / participants)
– Review of events (participant)
CCI Report (dedicated organization that financially supports the work of the center)

This program is fully established control over the reflex seminars and other activities with the ability to create the most important reports.


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