In the field of document management, this company has developed its product and has been developing it for more than 10 years – Unidocs. If you are skeptical of open source solutions, and you’d rather trust the important thing for a home company, with a reputation known, then Unidocs system is the right thing for you. Osa Engineering has been developing a document management system for many years and has so far managed to break into the very top in the domestic market as well as in foreign markets.

With a fairly professional attitude towards its clients and partners, this company is continuously working on the development by listening to the demands and needs of the market. In that sense, Unidocs offers many things, from the easy and quick search of the document you need, to its creation, the tracking status, who it is and what it worked on. Such a system brings a lot, starting from a considerable reduction in paper consumption, for example, printing various versions of the document until it is finally finished, until it is fully structured documentation. Documents can be in all possible formats, and there is also an option to integrate with the tools that handle these documents. We have become partners with this company because after testing several different solutions we came to the conclusion that this is one comprehensive and quality solution and which is also important – domestic product.


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