Signed contract for the first implementation of Adempiera ERP

More than a year ago, we started officially with the localization of ADEMIPERA ERP free software. It is a complete information management system for business processes that can be downloaded and used for free. What we did was localization, ie translation into Serbian, as well as the preparation of the chart and the format for the press. In addition, we had to learn a lot about the system itself because it was complex, so we had to do a lot on it. This system offers many things and can be seen more on the official site. As a consequence, 21.09.2011. we signed an implementation contract, practically the first official in Serbia, with the company “Idoki doo” from Kragujevac, which is a member of the Italian “Idest” group. This Italian company Adempiere has been using it for several years now, and since they are satisfied they decided to implement the implementation in their company in Serbia. In short, this system offers complete control from bookkeeping, procurement, sales, project management, production, supply chain, customers, employees and fixed assets, and offers retail and sales options using HERE SELLING that would be synchronized with your bookkeeping.

adempiere_performanse540What is important to say is that it is completely free and therefore there is no license fee – only services to those who are installing and implementing you, and if you are alike and you will not pay it. This software is, in our humble opinion, considering that we used both, if not better, and then certainly in the ranking with MS Navision that costs far more. It was also created with free tools such as java and postgre so there are no obligations to pay any licenses. It is also possible to synchronize it with various other free tools such as iReport for creating print and reporting processes, VirtueMart, the most popular tool for developing its store and more. When you consider it can be installed and run on the linus server and desktop operating system (we do this with the Ubuntu version), you get an excellent information system designed for small and medium enterprises at an extremely low cost.

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