The main purpose of this software is to monitor and control the costs of Refrigeration (ie all fruit and vegetable processing plants) reducing processing costs as well as controlling the purchase of agricultural products, processing and delivering frozen and fresh finished products with a special emphasis on quality monitoring and integration with HCCP standards and ISO9001 and all reports related to them.

Records of:

Purchase of agricultural products through receivers, leases, contracts with committees, as well as the quality of received goods and receiving controls with full integration with the receipt and connecting through bar codes and identification cards of goods. Control of purchase prices by customers with margins and reports by customers, types of goods and quality with control of purchase costs is ensured. The complete purchase is linked to the Cash Dispensation for Agricultural Products


Purchases of finished products, semi-finished products and intermediate goods for production through receivers and receiving controls with integration with the balance and all reports.

Warehouses: fresh goods, frozen, semi-finished goods, intermediate goods and production facilities related to each customer’s order individually with reports by warehouses and stock conditions in them. The software user can, if desired, create an unlimited number of warehouses (by type of goods, packages, customers, etc.). This is enabled because of the specific requirements of each customer and easier control of the entry and exit prices.

Particular emphasis on the production is emphasized in this software and it is practically integrated into every part of it. Consists of:

Exchange reports – includes entering data on all aspects of production from the beginning to the end of the work shift with the work records for each part of the production process with the financial costs for that process and consumed products, semi-finished goods and intermediate goods. Each production process is linked to a customer’s special order. This ensures that the flow of the order execution is monitored in all its phases.
Work orders – there are two types of orders: permanent (permanently open in which goods are processed which are not processed at the time of processing, standard quality work, as well as work orders for works in the factory that are not related to processing of goods) and customer orders which are opened at their request for individual deliveries containing specific customer requirements (quality, packaging, delivery dates, palletization schemes and all other information related to that order). Orders are the most important part of the production, because the orders are linked to each process in production and are followed by the costs of processing, labor, intermediate goods, and all reports are also related. The order also includes all receipts of fresh goods through identification cards as well as identification cards generated by order for processed goods. Work orders are also linked to controls in the production process, metal detection and final control in deliveries.
Controls and records – in this part of the software, all kinds of controls that are generated in the production process are generated, which are in accordance with the requirements of HCCP and ISO9001 standards. They are attached to specific tasks and this ensures complete traceability from the receipt to the delivery of the product.
An integral part of the program package is production of: overview of shift reports, adjustment of production and all its processes, transfers from work orders to warehouses and other work orders, planning costs, state of production, unpacking and repackaging from various packaging, generation of identification cards for semi-finished products and finished products.
Commodity processing – in this part, the service of the processing of goods as well as the costs related to this processing is kept.

proizvodnja700x338Business – in this part of the software package, there is an option for the production of reports on traffic, processing, processing costs, work and procurement of goods. There is also an option of simulation of sales and processing of goods, ie an overview of the expected results of the companies that can be obtained at the basic planning prices of processing and sales of goods currently found in all stages of production and other campers.

Clients – in this part of the software, clients are managed by several types (individual agricultural producers, purchasers, carriers, customers in the country, foreign buyers, suppliers of intermediate goods, etc.). Each of these types of customers has specially defined documentation when receiving and shipping products that are automatically generated and dependent on how the goods will be processed.

Articles – In this part of the software package products and product groups are defined with their plan costs, packagings and cards for each specific item.

Like many more …

By purchasing this program you get a complete insight into the business of your company with the control of all its parts in real time and timely information for making your business decisions. This program is intended for use in multiple workplaces (Production, Procurement, Sales, Management, Quality Control, etc.) connected via an internal computer network and / or internet connection to view data from anywhere and to run multiple factories from one places.


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