The software for calculating the contract for compensation for construction land (for legalization or standard ones) was made at the request of the JP for the management of construction land Šabac. This software ensures that an unlimited number of contracts are monitored in the sense that they are monitored exactly when the payment is due, followed by revaluation and interest from month to month. This gives precise information at any time whatsoever is the situation with all recorded contracts, what are the delays, the calculated revaluation and interest, the total agreed fee, the rest of the revalued, the total contracted area, the amount of the values ​​related to the legalization, and the like. It has more than 15 years of experience and experience in this field.

Functions of the software
– entering revaluation rates and interest rates for each month
– Entry of investors and guarantors with all relevant data
– entry of contract items, contracted area, fee, date of concluding and enforcing contracts, number of war
– entry of the payment in groups or individually
– revaluation calculations and interest rates automatically and at the request of the operator
– enabled calculators for arbitrary revaluation calculations and interest rates
– entry of war payments in advance
– budget for the desired number of installment installments in advance
– the account card with the full status of the contract
– contractual transactions showing all the changes that have occurred since the conclusion
– the standby agreement is enabled – in case when there is a need to stop the “maturity” and the calculation of interest for a certain period
– Data entry for active contracts already enabled with input of the initial state is enabled
– enabled the cancellation of all transactions at any time in the event of an error with certain administrative rights

There are as many as 15 kinds of various reports, such as:
– absolute amount of revaluation – presentation of the total calculated revaluation for the desired period
– absolute amount of interest – displaying the total calculated interest for the desired period
– total fee for the period – total amount of all contracts
– Total paid for the period – the total value of all payments made
– the state of the contract on a day – a budget that will be the status of a contract on the next day in the future
– a warning before debiting – a pre-formatted warning for debtors
– debt notification – pre-formatted notice for guarantors owed by investors
– matched debt – accurate overview of all debts sorted by amount
– the rest is revalued – the amount of all outstanding receivables revalued on the day of the review
– turnover by contract – review all payments and payments for each contract individually
– War calculation in advance – quick calculation how much a party should pay in order to regulate several installments in advance
– summing up the surface – tabular display of the total of all surfaces by category and depending on whether the legalization is or not in question so that the dynamics of the implementation of legalization can be monitored
– invoiced – total accrued interest, revaluated rates and advances
– printed reports – an overview of who, when and who warned printed
– paid – view all payments for the desired period with the total amount
The program is designed for parallel work with a large number of contracts with appropriate hardware (server) that can and should run under the Linux for security, stability, protection against viruses and much lower prices. Provides automatic data archiving in the event of a system crash for any reason. Due to security and data protection, several levels of access rights are enabled so that each user can limit himself to the role he can obtain. Any change that any user enters records and can always see who is responsible for entering and / or deleting data.


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