With years of experience in developing complex software solutions, we can offer the service of software developing. It’s very popular switching various programs drawn from some older tools (eg FoxPro) and older databases where it is needed conversion of data from the old database to the new wherever it is possible.

Whether it’s the software that will help solve some of the current issue, accelerate and simplify the business process or, if you have one that was made a long time ago and that had not been promoted and will now miss the additional features that make your life easier, we can help out to to meet your needs. You can even save all the data from the old software and transfer them to the new one. Since we have a wide range of knowledge of different tools, we are often in a situation where the data from the old program to preserve whole and move into the new. Technology is rapidly changing and progressing and that the program at any time satisfy your needs needs to be reinforced and improved. If you leave a platform, say Windows and switch to Linux for example, or something like that, we can also meet your needs and refining old program so you can work on the new platform . The projects that we have worked independently or have been participants in the program for the calculation of compensation for land, the registry office (registry flow of documents ), payment of utilities, software for vehicle tracking ( fleet management , as well as the largest and most complex ), a program for operating the refrigerator ( very complex information system that covers everything from procurement to sales to production ), e- shop , a program for surveying , real estate , different types of data collection as well as a full refurbishment and connect disparate information systems. For these software solutions, it is necessary to design and create a database , different user interfaces , web and / or desktop and a lot of different services that execute in the background of a variety of tasks .

The technologies we use are:

Java , Postgre , MySql , ZK , JBoss , Tomcat , PHP , Joomla , WordPress …


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