Linux Ubuntu – long ago we decided to turn completely on the use of open source tools, from the operating system to the development tool – practically from the very beginning.

We do not think there is a segment where Linux Ubuntu does not have at least a decent solution that would satisfy any need so there is no reason to spend money on various licenses. Since 2007, we have begun to use Linus Ubuntu as a platform on which all of our computers and servers are today – and there are no dilemmas, we have everything we need and this is more than enough for any other company. Based on the experience we have, we are in a position to offer our services in implementation and support for this kind of work to all those interested. By using LinUp Ubuntu either on a server system or before the desktop variant, you are in a position to greatly influence the expense of various software licenses that you need in everyday work. Like other variants of Linus operating systems and Linus Ubuntu offers a wide range of business solutions so it’s almost daunted that they will not be deprived of any tools you need. Linus Ubuntu is probably the current distribution of the Linus operating system that is in constant advancement and with the constant increase in the number of users and in general the progress of using the Linux system you can read here.

linux ubuntu

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