Controlling the fleet brings a lot of things with you – with minimal investment for vehicle tracking and vehicle tracking, savings in vehicle fleet costs range from 15% to 45%. These are the data we know from experience and from the report of large companies that are among the first to begin using these systems. How does the system work?

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The vehicle is equipped with devices that can be with more or less options, with older technologies or newer – depends on needs and desires. The basic function of the device is to collect location data through a GPS and / or GNSS module. The data thus stored is packaged in a particular form, together with others that are collected, for example, about the activated contact lock, the panic key, the open / closed doors and the reservoir, and the like, which is then forwarded to the GSM / GPRS / 3G / LTE modules, they are sent to the address of the pre-set server. Data from all devices is collected and transmitted most often into one database accessed over the Internet and its applications in order for users to have an insight into the statistics and current vehicle positions.

Newer modules used to produce devices have, inter alia, interference suppression so that they can be quite reliable in situations where theft of the vehicle is occurring. These systems make it easier to calculate the distance traveled for each vehicle individually and at any time, in addition to the option to track your vehicle’s movements in real time. These options are directly related to the reliability of the device that is installed.

The costs you can have are as follows:

1) Purchase of the device – one-off or, say, a monthly payment together with a monthly subscription for vehicle tracking

2) installation services for the device

3) vehicle tracking software – most often goes to the option of tracking vehicles through the provider, i.e. its server and software, since both initial investments are less expensive and longer-run costs, the other option is to buy software, procure servers and secure a quality connection to internet (this should exclude adsl), which can be a considerable investment

4) Monthly traffic subscription for cards used for traffic transfer – here is the most common option with a single SIM card that can provide you with tracking for vehicles in the country or across Europe at reasonable prices – we have a vehicle tracking device that can work with 2 SIM cards to get vehicle tracking at affordable prices both in the country and in Europe.

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